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Increase web site traffic using your Facebook Fan Page

 Does Facebook Affect my Google Ranking?

Clients constantly ask me “Does Facebook affect my websites ranking on google?” Short answer, Yes. Facebook is the most important online marketing tool to date. It’s extremely influential in our everyday lives.

In this article I’ll be focusing on how to drive traffic from your Facebook fan page to your site, which ultimately puts money in your pocket. With the ever so changing internet and vitality of the economy it is important to use grass root tactics and techniques to grow your business on line.

Some simple steps to a successful Facebook Fan Page are;

1. Add Links

*The most important thing to do when creating your Facebook fan page is to include links to your site on your main page as well as links from your site back to your Fan Page.

*Add text links from other well reconized related web sites

2.Build Trust

*Become a good source of free knowledge, advice and solutions.
This means posting articles, advice and solutions relevant to your industry or fan page.
The more exclusives and Facebook-only content you can give your fans, the better your page engagement and fan acquisition will become.

*Share Tips
Offer solutions or work around for specific issues or situations you have experienced.

Your members want to learn from you, so make sure to share tips with them. Share articles, blog posts and information on the topics of interest to members of your Facebook Fan Page.

*Like Button

The like button is an absolute must on web sites nowadays. The Facebook like button helps build trust as well as comradery with your fans. Bing for instance makes use of Facebook “Likes” to rank the relevancy of the site. If you don’t have one add one today larsremodel.com.

3. Publish Good Content

Be as clear and direct as possible. If you make it too wordy you will confuse your audience.

*Leverage existing content produced by customers and fans.

Warning: Facebook content is indexed by search engines, Don’t copy and paste content from your site to Facebook, instead create new content specifically for your Fan Page (or re-word your article). This will prevent search engines from thinking that you have duplicated someone else’s content and consequently granting you a secondary listing.

*Provide exclusive content such as competitions, polls and quizzes, this helps increase fan engagement

When using Facebook to promote business it should be focused on how to make meaningful connections with people. It’s less about your content and more about your friends / fans.

Good Content + Social Features = Fan Interaction

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